Banking Automation Solutions

Points of contacts such as ATMs, Cash Deposit Systems, Banking transaction terminals and other such self-service banking terminals from AGS allows banks to strengthen client relationships, explore new markets, as well as reduce overall expenses. Making touch-points more customer-centric and linking front-end applications directly to the essential processing system enables the institutions to gain significant operational efficiency. Our Automation solutions are:

 • Banking Value Added Reseller
 • Currency Technology Solutions
 • Services

Banking Value Added Reseller
Banks are rendering services beyond basic banking and transforming the way we transact today; be it in branch environment, ATM channel or Mobile Banking. Embracing the future direction of digital and mobility solutions, we have introduced technological consumer innovations to enhance the retail banking experience.

With these cutting edge banking technology solutions, we are facilitating consumer engagement, bringing mobility closer to self-service and closer to branches thereby creating transactions on the move. The solutions are:
ATMs & Cash Deposit Systems
o ProCash 280
o ProCash 281
o ProCash 285
o Cineo C4040
o Cineo C4060

• Banking Transaction Terminals
   o iTELLER
   o iCHEQUE
   o vTELLER
   o TouchPoint 200

Branch Transformation
Branch networks are a medium to enhance consumer experience. With the objective of convenience, value and service to the end consumer, AGS help the banks to transform its branches by leveraging on technology and delivering customer delight!

Currency Technology Solutions
Our currency technology solutions offers currency counting and sorting, counterfeit note detection and sorting products for banks, retail entities and financial institutions under the brand name ‘Genuine’,  thereby delivering cost effective currency management solutions to customers.

• Note Sorters
Our automated note sorters are designed with superior quality and ergonomic shapes to fit any modern branch environment. We offer:
  o Geniune Cash Sort 2
  o Geniune Cash Sort 3
  o Geniune Cash Sort 4
  o Geniune Laurel K4
  o Geniune Laurel K8
  o Geniune Laurel K12

• Intelligent Cash Deposit 
Payments made through cash have their own pros and cons. One of the most evident problems is handling large sums of cash which at times can be of great risk and challenging too. Similarly, merchants need more hands to manage cash which ultimately increases the cost of labour. iCDs can also identify fraudulent banknotes at the time of deposit with real-time transaction update using remote monitoring. The deposited notes are then sealed and securely stored in a vault or bag housed inside the machine

Our large customer base is testimony to our ability to offer customised solutions supported by our dedicated in-house infrastructure and trained personnel. Our common services platform features an in-house testing and repair centre and a technology support centre, which houses our round-the-clock monitoring and help desk teams that support our engineers and field-services work force in delivering service to our customers.

• Annual Maintenance
Our industry know-how enables us to package our AMC offering with second line maintenance for their ATMs, including the provision of remedial hardware maintenance, replacement parts, and preventative maintenance.

• Omni Channel Transformation Services
Improving user experience to transform the customer’s shopping experience in physical and digital channels, we create high-impact consumer shopping experience with our Omni-Channel UX design for customers. From planning to supply, deployment, placement and integration of electronic banking terminals, we partner with bank customer to transform and modernize their user interfaces across multiple touch points.

• Queue Management
To enhance customer engagement and experience, our queue management service assists banks in  regulation of customer flow in their bank branches in a structured manner through the placement of hardware kiosks and digital signage with related software at strategic locations.

• Software
With the help of a comprehensive set of software solutions, we help Banks to capitalize on the banking and retail landscape. Designed to maintain systems remotely, our software presents customer relationship management tools that also ensure the upkeep of the services offered. These software tools allow financial institutions to increase the return on investment by directly targeting the dynamic audience. The software solutions which act as enablers are:
   • ProClassic / Enterprise
   • ProTect Work/Enterprise
   • ProCash/Fonet
   • daNCe
   • ProSales Marketing
   • Multi-Vendor Software
   • ProCash Analyser
   • ProView
• Upgrades
We provide our customers with hardware as well as software upgrade services. Hardware upgrades include the addition of certain components or modules to installed ATMs. Software upgrades include the addition of service offerings on ATMs, as banks seek to deliver other financial and non-financial products to their customers besides traditional ATM services.