Banking Payment Solutions

Banks play a central role in the modern economy and the rapid growth of banking services in the past two decades has increased the functional and geographic scope of banking to diverse demographics. banks are rendering services beyond basic banking and transforming the way we transact today; be it in branch environment, ATM channel or Mobile Banking. Embracing the future direction of digital and mobility solutions, we have introduced technological consumer innovations to enhance the retail banking experience

• ATM Outsourcing & Managed Services
• Cash Management Services
• Transaction Switching Services
• Electronic Payments Solutions

ATM Outsourcing & Managed Services
We undertake end-to-end management of ATMs in India, starting from site identification and development to machine deployment, maintenance and management on behalf of our customers. With the suite of Managed Services for Brown Label ATM or White Label ATM, we aim to ensure optimum ATM availability to our customers, as the ATMs needs constant attention, we undertake the complex endeavours apart from processing transactions and replenishing cash such as maintenance of spares, upgrading the hardware and overall service.

We ensure the consumer is equipped with more choices as the banking hours are extended, bringing self-service terminals to non-branch locations such as airports, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores and shopping malls.

Cash Management Services
We undertake cash management services through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Securevalue India Limited (SVIL). SVIL focuses on the transit, safe keeping (in vaults) and management of currency and valuables for banks, financial institutions and retailers. SVIL also provides cash replenishing, monitoring, counting and sorting services, vaulting services and reconciliation services.

Transaction Switching Services
Today’s customer seeks convenience for payment and finds it fitting to use multiple mode of payment, be it Cash, Card, Mobile and Digital. Technology has an important role to play in enabling the transactions in an efficient manner.

Our transaction switching services enable us to offer integrated payments processing, card management and merchant acquiring solutions. In addition, we assist banks in migrating their existing card base, issuing new cards and authorizing cards.

Electronic Payments Solutions 
Increase in smartphone usage among consumers, transacting with mobile is the latest mantra with the consumerisation of mobile devices. With merchants facing growing challenges to offer customers a secure and convenient way to pay, our electronic payment solutions help our clients transform businesses to increase the productivity and create superior customer experience.

Our mobile-POS solution offers a fast, secure and end-to-end transaction processing solution comprising of a mobile payment application. This solution offers users a validated payment card point-to-point encryption solution on the user’s mobile device that supports credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and can be used in a contactless manner or in magnetic stripe format.

Our transaction switch acts as the backbone of our electronic payment solutions offering, which is offered through our wholly-owned subsidiary, India Transact Services Limited (ITSL).