Automating creativity, the dispensers, shakers and textile engravers give an edge to design technology by promoting originality. Automating colour technology since 1992, AGS has constantly proved its leadership in all its variants by providing cost-effective yet smart automated colour solutions.

We have also been catering to the top paint companies with their paint dispensing solutions. AGS delivers state-of-the-art products irrespective of the size of the retail store. The easy-to-use and reliable dispensers have been ergonomically designed to fit into any space.


HA440 Paint Dispenser



An intelligent paint dispenser, HA 440 is a high speed automatic dispenser that can be customised to any canister configuration. It is the ideal solution for depots, medium-to-large dealers and service centres.

It can also be used for producing small batches, from 500 to 5000 litres customised shades.

It is available in 3 different canister configuration depending on the end-user requirements. It has minimal maintenance requirements and is based on field-proven FFM Piston Pump Technology.

The HA440 has shown proven capabilities and is versatile and in demand by our clients.





We are proud to introduce an elegantly designed new Automatic Colorant Dispenser X-SMART®. The ideal choice for entry level markets. The X-SMART® Automatic Dispenser enables you to expand and explore custom colour using an automatic tinting solution specifically designed to penetrate new channels such as small retail locations. The X-SMART® design combined with a smaller footprint makes it an automatic tinting solution accessible to everyone.

  • Fast & Fluid’s well known, robust and reliable piston pump technology
  • Newly designed click-on canister modules
  • A brush cleaning system
  • Centralized automatic bottom stirring
  • Innovative modular design also minimizes transportation costs
  • Design simplicity allows for self-assembly within a few minutes and serviceability

GA450 Paint Mixer


Galileo GA450 – power, speed and safety combined in one paint mixer. The GA450 is the successor to both the well-known and popular Galileo and the robust Ferraris.  The quality of the machine has remained our top priority, but the GA450 is also very quick and has been designed with a special focus on ease of use and safety. It is able to handle the largest and heaviest cans in POS tinting (up to 40 kg), while at the same time still being very affordable.


  • Speed: The time needed for the entire paint mixing process has been reduced by 50% compared to other mixers on the market
  • Robustness: The GA450 can handle the largest and heaviest cans in POS tinting (up to 40 kg!)
  • Safety: UCMP (Unlocked Cradle Mixing Prevention): The mixing process cannot start until the cradle is locked correctly
  • Internal protection: Features such as splash guards protect moving cradle parts, spindles and guides from paint spillage
  • Improved electronics: Including a control panel with a USB connection and a redesigned inverter