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Today customers are aggressively focusing on ease of operation and seamless integration of customer point-of-contact. Our solutions are packaged to cater to the automation requirements of organizations in sectors such as retail, petroleum and colour. With our suite of automation solutions, we supply automation products, provide implementation services, system integration, remote management and, support and help desk services.

• Retail Sector Payment Services
• Petroleum Sector Payments Services
• Colour Sector Operations

Retail Sector Payment Services
Consumer touch-point management through retail sector payment services involves adapting the business model to new conditions in order to ensure consistent footfall and value creation for retailers. Our retail services, drive key audiences closer to the sphere of influence ( billing terminals at retail stores), provides better customer understanding, improves the customer relationship lifecycle and increases the overall efficiency. In short we enable retailers to equip themselves with best in line technology. Our retail offerings are as follow:

• POS Billing Terminals
• Digital Signage Software
• Thin Client Systems
• Retail Services

POS Billing Terminals
Our billing terminals skilfully integrate technology with human behaviour. These systems allow monitoring retail transactions remotely and help drive the consumer behaviour.

Digital Signage Software
With a multi-touch-point strategy, we uses tools such as Digital Signage Solutions to help organizations cover many demographics and standardize and control the messages. The solution helps organisations to engage with their customers with centralised and improved communication campaign. 

Thin Client Systems
For a growing organisation, we offer all the benefits of a Thin Client, breaking away from the traditional method of Enterprise IT management. A Thin Client minimizes IT costs without compromising on the quality and efficiency, making it ideal for challenging business environments.

Retail Services
We offer maintenance services, software customization, hardware upgrades and spare parts for repairs of POS terminals and other automation equipment. We also provide managed services to our retail sector customers, where we manage the network of retail outlets, which include managing the retailer’s information technology infrastructure in retail stores and warehouses to enable them to serve their clients.

Petroleum Sector Payments Services
Oil companies worldwide have adopted automation systems such as petroleum retail outlet automation and automatic vehicle identification which helps in minimizing human error and increase computational accuracy. To facilitate oil companies, we concentrate on key aspects that improve visibility, accountability, efficiency and reliability.

• Retail Outlet Automation
• Automatic Vehicle Identification
• Petroleum Services

• Retail Outlet Automation
Fuel companies constantly need to increase their market share and optimize profitability while keeping the customers satisfied. With the automation of Petroleum Retail stations, our solution gives fuel companies access to their sales volumes, transaction data and utilization patterns instantly.

Automatic Vehicle Identification
The Automatic Vehicle Identification system is based on the advanced RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology that identifies the vehicle. This technology allows easy access to the vehicle at the petrol station and eliminates the need of access control cards, magnetic stripe cards and barcode cards.

 Petroleum Services
From automating refineries and providing secured fuel delivery to fuel retail management, we offer solutions that ensure a systematic and standardized end-to-end performance.

Colour Sector Operations
Automating creativity, the dispensers, shakers and textile engravers give an edge to design technology by promoting originality. Automating colour technology since 1992, we have constantly proved our leadership in all the variants by providing cost-effective yet smart automated colour solutions.

We have also been catering to the top paint companies with their paint dispensing solutions. We deliver state-of-the-art products irrespective of the size of the retail store. The easy-to-use and reliable dispensers have been ergonomically designed to fit into any space.

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